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About Us

As a member owned business (founded in 1870) we're not driven by short termism aimed at impressing shareholders. Instead, we concentrate on looking after you, our saving and borrowing members, by recognising you as individuals.

We don't feed your details into a computer and wait for an automated "yes" or "no". Instead, we make the decisions ourselves and, if we come up against something unusual in, for example, a mortgage application, it's our Chief Executive, Mark Robinson, who will make the final decision. 

Collage by the students at the Roman Way Day Care Centre
Collage by the students at the Roman Way Day Care Centre
This mind set coupled with a strong sense of community, means that whether it's face to face, in branch, over the internet or via our carefully selected intermediaries you can be sure of friendly professionalism.

With assets of £420m and reserves of £29m we are a financially strong and award winning Society. We are here to help.

Market Harborough Building Society
Welland House, The Square, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7PD.
Tel: 01858 412250
Fax: 01858 412254

Email: CustomersFirst@mhbs.co.uk
Web: http://www.mhbs.co.uk
For information on the Society's branches please view our branch finder.

Treating Our Customers Fairly
Your Society is committed to the fair treatment of its customers. As a mutual organisation run for the benefit of our members, this has always been at the heart of everything we strive to achieve. We regularly review our products, levels of service and communications to ensure that you are treated fairly in every part of our business. As part of this commitment, your Society has also taken measures to ensure that we adhere to the FCA's principles for the fair treatment of customers. 
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