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Junior ISA 2013

  • Tax Free Savings*
  • Save £1 - £3,720
  • Age 17 years or under
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If you are aged 17 or under and are looking for a cash ISA, the Junior ISA may be the account for you.

Who is this account suitable for?
This account is suitable for someone who is a UK resident on the date of application, aged below 18, and looking to receive tax free variable interest with no access to the funds until age 18, and does not already hold a Child Trust Fund. This account may be opened by someone with parental responsibility for such a person on their behalf as the Registered Contact.

How much can be invested?
The account can be opened with a minimum of £1; further deposits can be made up to a maximum of £3,720 each tax year. The minimum balance at any time is £1. Once the maximum limit for the particular tax year is reached no more deposits are allowed. Any funds paid into the account will be a gift to the account holder and as such cannot be repaid at a later date if the subscriber changes their mind. 

Paying money in
Money can be paid in by cash and cheque at any of our branches or agencies (listed here) or by post when accompanied by a passbook or paying in slip. Money can also be transferred from other banks and building societies using our sort code 20-49-08, account number 70608386 and also the Junior ISA account number which should be inserted in the roll or reference number field. Please note that certain banks do not automatically provide a roll or reference number field if you bank with them online. You may have to telephone them so that they can set up this information for you.

Accessing the account
Withdrawals are not permitted until the account holder (not the Registered Contacts) turns 18. At this point the account will be transferred into an Instant Access ISA and up to date identification will be required to access the funds. In the meantime registration to the Society's You-View service is free where you can view accounts online 24 hours a day.

How much interest can I earn?
See our Current Interest Rates. The interest rate for the Junior ISA is variable. Your money will start earning interest for you from the date of receipt of your investment.

How and when is interest paid?
Interest is paid annually on 31st March and will be added to the account.
Junior ISA transfers
The whole or part of a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA can be transferred into the Market Harborough Building Society Junior ISA. We will contact your current ISA provider within 5 business days of receiving your instruction. Your funds will be applied to your Junior ISA within 3 business days of receiving them from your current ISA provider. Please note that the Society does not offer Stocks and Shares Junior ISA accounts.

The whole of a Market Harborough Building Society Junior ISA can be transferred into another provider's Cash Junior ISA or a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA. Partial transfers can only go into another provider's Stocks and Shares Junior ISA. We will forward the funds to the new ISA provider within 5 business days of receiving your instruction from them.

Please note that at the end of either transfer process there must not be more than one Junior ISA held of each type by any one person. 


This account can be cancelled within 30 days of opening. The Society will help to switch the account or refund all monies deposited together with interest (paid at our Instant Access ISA rate). There are no charges incurred for cancelling within this time period. All notifications of cancellation should be put in writing and sent to the Society's Head Office addess.

You can also obtain further information from the www.direct.gov.uk website.
Summary Box
Key Product Information for our Savings Account(s)
Account Name Junior ISA
Interest Rate (AERs)
Tax Status Tax Free*
Conditions for Bonus Payment N/A
Withdrawal Arrangements No withdrawals permitted until the account holder turns 18
Access Branch, Post or Online

ISA Regulations
Your ability to invest in this ISA and the favourable tax treatment you receive might not be sustained as it is subject to ISA rules which may be changed at any time. The Society's ISAs are not designed to meet the Government's stakeholder standards for deposit-based ISAs.  Please note that the account holder (not the Registered Contact) is the beneficial owner of the investment. If by any reason of any failure to satisfy the provision of the ISA regulations, this ISA has or will become void, notification will be sent. We will make sure that any person to whom we delegate any of our functions or responsibilities under the terms agreed with you is competent to carry out those functions and responsibilities.

Other Information
The maximum investment in all accounts with the Society is £500,000 per person.

In the event of any apparent conflict between these conditions and the full
Savings Account Terms and Conditions, these conditions take precedence.

How can I open an account?
To apply for a Junior ISA on behalf of a child for whom you have parental responsibility please download, print and complete the Junior ISA Account Application Form With Registered Contact using the link below. If you are 16-17 years of age you may open the account using the Junior ISA Account Application Form Without Registered Contact using the link below. For your own benefit and protection you should read the Society's general Savings Account Terms and Conditions as well as the information shown above. If you do not understand any point, simply call us on 01858 412250 or email us at CustomersFirst@mhbs.co.uk.

To download documents on this page, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.
Get Adobe Reader - This link will open in a new window

Junior ISA Account Application Form 
With Registered Contact.
 Junior ISA Account Application Form
Without Registered Contact.
Application Form - This link will open in a new window
Application Form - This link will open in a new window

Please send your signed application form, together with your personal cheque for the opening deposit and evidence of identification to:

Market Harborough Building Society, Welland House, The Square, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7PD

Alternatively please visit any of our branches or our agencies (listed
here) with the appropriate identification (please see the link above for further details) to open an account.

If I need more information what do I do?
We are always pleased to help. Please visit any of our branches or our agencies, call us on 01858 412250, or email us at CustomersFirst@mhbs.co.uk
Product information is also available in Braille, Large Print and Audio format.
* Interest is paid exempt from UK tax.
his product may be withdrawn at any time and without notice
Issue Date: 06 April 2013
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