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Monthly Super Saver - Issue 4

  • Monthly Savings Account
  • Only available to someone resident in LE and NN post code areas
  • Instant Access
  • Annual Interest
  • Save £10 - £3,000 Every Month
Monthly Super Saver offers you the flexibility to save variable amounts each month
Looking to save for something in particular or maybe just for a rainy day? The Monthly Super Saver offers you the flexibility to save variable amounts each month and to access your money without notice!

Is this account suitable for me?
This account is suitable for someone who can save a sum of money each and every month. It is not suitable for someone requiring a fixed rate of interest or someone requiring regular withdrawals. It is only available to someone living in the LE and NN post code areas and who is a UK resident. For under 18s the account must be opened by an adult in the capacity of Trustee.

How and when is interest paid?
Interest is paid annually on 31 December. Your money will start earning interest for you from the date of receipt of your funds. You can have the interest added to your Monthly Super Saver account, paid into a bank account or transferred to another Society account (not applicable to all account types). If you choose to have your interest added to the account it will be subject to the same withdrawal conditions as the capital. We want to reward you for saving on a regular basis - that's why you will be earning one of our best rates of interest. An interest rate bonus is paid for a period of one year from the date the account is opened.
Rates shown exclude the introductory bonus of 0.5% gross payable for one year
Rates effective 1 October 2015
Gross * %
AER ** %
Annual £10 + 1.10 1.10
* Interest is paid without tax deducted. Some savers will be required to pay tax on savings interest; this should be arranged directly with HMRC through your tax return.
** AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added once each year.

How much can I invest?
The account can be opened with any amount between £10 and £3,000 and, once you start to save, you can save any sum you wish between £10 and £3,000 per month. You may only ever open two Monthly Super Saver accounts, either solely or jointly, with a combined maximum of £3,000 per month, and provided that each individual deposit is not less than £10. You are not committed to a fixed amount - you can save a different amount each month if you prefer. You must however make one investment per month to enjoy the benefit of a Monthly Super Saver interest rate. The minimum balance at any time is £10. The maximum balance is £50,000.

How can I pay money in?
You can pay cash and cheques into your account at any of our branches or at our agency (listed here), or you can post your passbook and a cheque to our Head Office address. Cheques must be made payable to the account holder and not to the Society. You can also transfer funds from another account with the Society by post or at a branch, and transfer from an account with a bank or another building society. To do this you will need our sort code 20-49-08 and our account number 70608386 and also your Monthly Super Saver account number, which should be inserted in the roll or reference number field.

How can I access my account?
Withdrawals do not require any notice. You can make one penalty-free withdrawal each calendar year for any amount. Further withdrawals are subject to a penalty equal to 30 days gross interest on the amount withdrawn.

In Branch - You can withdraw money from your account at any of our branches or at our agency (listed here). Passbook required.
By Post - You can request a cheque withdrawal or a transfer to selected MHBS accounts. Simply send your passbook(s) and a signed covering letter, stating your withdrawal instructions, to our Head Office. Your cheque and passbook will be returned to your home address.
Or Online - You can request a cheque made payable to yourself, or transfer money to another Society account or to your current account. Simply register for our online account service at www.mhbs.co.uk.

Summary Box
Key Product Information for our Savings Account(s)
Account Name Monthly Super Saver - Issue 4
Interest Rate (AERs)
See details above or for our other accounts see Current Interest Rates
Tax Status
Conditions for Bonus Payment
Withdrawal Arrangements 1 penalty-free withdrawal per calendar year.  Further withdrawals are subject to a penalty equal to 30 days gross interest on the amount withdrawn.
Access Branch, Post or Online

Other Information
Should the balance fall below the minimum balance, we reserve the right to close your account and return your savings to you.  If you do not make an investment every month, or if you exceed the maximum deposit, the terms and conditions of your account will become those that apply to the Society's branch-based Instant Access account.
Withdrawal limits at Branch Offices are £500 cash and £10,000 by cheque per person, per day. Please ask for details of limits for our agency. Cheque withdrawals for larger amounts may require 24 hours notice.

Once you have opened two Monthly Super Saver accounts you are not permitted to open any further Monthly Super Saver accounts either solely or jointly. The maximum investment in all accounts with the Society is £500,000 per person.

In the event of any apparent conflict between these conditions and the full Savings Account Terms and Conditions, these conditions take precedence.

How can I open an account?
To apply for a Monthly Super Saver account by post please download, print and complete the application form using the link below. For your own benefit and protection you should read the Society's general Savings Account Terms and Conditions as well as the information shown above. If you do not understand any point, simply call us on 01858 412510 or email us at CustomersFirst@mhbs.co.uk

Savings Account Application Form
Application Form - This link will open in a new window

Please send your signed application form, together with your personal cheque for the opening deposit and evidence of identification to:

Market Harborough Building Society, Welland House, The Square, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7PD

Alternatively please visit any of our branches or our agency (listed here) with the appropriate identification (please see the link above for further details) to open an account.

If I need more information what do I do?
We are always pleased to help. Please visit any of our branches or our agency, call us on 01858 412510, or email us at CustomersFirst@mhbs.co.uk
Product information is also available in Braille, Large Print and Audio format.
This product may be withdrawn at any time and without notice.
Issue Date: 6 April 2016
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