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Previous Interest Rates


View our current interest rates
90 Day
(Rates effective 26 February 2018)
Gross * %
AER ** %
Annual Interest paid on 30 June
£25,000 + 1.20 1.20

120 Day - Issue 3
(Rates effective 26 February 2018)
Gross * %
AER ** %
Monthly Interest paid on the last working day of each month
£25,000 + 1.35 1.36



(Rates effective 6 April 2012)
Gross * %
AER ** %
Annual Interest paid on 31 March
£3,000 + 3.05 3.05
£1 + 2.50 2.50

* Interest is paid without tax deducted. Some savers will be required to pay tax on savings interest; this should be arranged directly with HMRC through your tax return.

** AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added once each year.
Interest paid on these products is exempt from UK income tax.

If the balance on an account falls below the minimum for the account type, the lowest rate on the Easy Access account will apply. (Excludes Business Easy Access, Business 60 Day, Charity Easy Access, Charity 60 Day, Club Easy Access and Club 60 Day where zero interest is paid if the balance falls below the minimum for the account type.)

All rates should be read in conjunction with the appropriate account product pages.

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